let the scribbles begin

Hello there!

My name is Anna and I am an emergency medicine trainee in the north east of the United Kingdom. If you’re anything like me, there may be times when you leave work full of adrenaline of all you have achieved and buzzing from all the people you have helped, and then there are simply those days when you arrive home with only one thought in mind – to make a fort of blankets and pillows to hide away from all your troubles (with maybe some chocolate and a cup of tea nearby).

With the ever increasing patient expectations, intensity of workload and crazy shift patterns of emergency medicine (or any other training speciality) life, it is ridiculously hard to imagine being “normal” – you know, just seeing your friends on a weekend, ironing your work clothes or at least making it to a shop before closing! How then, am I supposed to revise for difficult exams, which just about summarise the whole of medicine in a written paper of approximately 3 hours in length?!

Let’s be honest here – we all feel tired ALL of the time. It’s a part of being an adult, and being in full-time employment, and working in the NHS. I wish it wasn’t true but for me – this is a sad reality. So rather than going on about it I will (hopefully) leave that comment here and go on about my life enjoying it to the full.

This blog is my humble attempt at keeping my scattered notes & medical rants in one place (mainly so that my non-medical husband doesn’t get the brunt of it all). And if it happens to help at least one person (realistically probably only myself) to prepare for the seemingly unachievable exams ahead, it’s worth my time!

Hope you enjoy my (slightly) tired scribbles. They are easier to digest with a nice cup of tea!

Figure 1. An example of a cup of tea (this may feel foreign to some)

All comments & feedback welcome!

Have a nice day,
(twitter: @DrAnnaRobson)

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